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Useful Knowledge

How long do bulbs take to charge? 

These bulbs charge when electricity is available and take 3.5 hours

Will the bulbs glow when their battery are charging?

These bulbs will glow when their batteries are charging.  

What do I do if I receive a damaged bulb or damage the bulb during the warranty period?

You can return your defective bulb to the store where you purchased it, and the retailer  will provide you with the repaired or new  within two to three business days. If you bought it directly from our website or stalls, you can contact us @7838652887 to get your defective piece  replaced.

 Is this bulb waterproof?

No, these bulbs are not waterproof, and shouldn’t be used outdoors. 

How to increase the back-up of the bulb from the default 4 hours to 8 hours?

You must press the switch a second time to boost the backup of the bulb to 5 hours. Pressing on the switch a third time, increases the back-up of the bulb to 8-10 hours.

 What holder is the bulb compatible with? 

These bulbs are compatible with the E-27 bulb holders.

How to become a distributor?

 These bulbs are compatible with the B22 bulb holders.

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