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Our Story 

Our founder conceptualized the idea for UdayElectric when he was in 11th grade. Upon becoming a mentor to students in the slums of Bichpuri, Uday realized that the frequent power cuts rendered his mentees unable to study; or even fulfill their daily needs. Born and brought up in a place where electricity is a luxury, these children were unaware of the existence of a day with no power shortages. That’s when he decided to solve this problem not only for Bichpuri but for the entirety of the rural population.

Uday designed over 24 protypes before arriving at his patented dynamic-lumen technology.

The brand name “Uday” refers to the sun’s rising in Hindi, which is symbolic of hope and illumination that we at Uday Electric are bringing to the rural population.


our Mission 

Uday electric is on a mission to illuminate the rural Indian population and provide sustainable lighting solutions

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